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The love for parrots began when Parrot Playground's founder took a job at a zoo. Her days were spent with many amazing animals but the ones that made a lasting impression were the parrots. From there she worked at a museum with a live animal center and again she was able to work with many animals, including parrots. Years later, she met and fell in love with...a Green Cheek Conure. He was in awful conditions with not only clipped wings but a clipped tail. It was at that point that the idea to rescue parrots came to mind and afterwards, the need to help these beautiful animals only grew stronger. That Green Cheek went home with her that day and is the strongest and fastest flyer of the now 9 parrots that reside at Parrot Playground! Each bird has their own needs that are tended to in order to make every animal feel confident and loved.

Our Birds

We currently have a group of mainly conures and budgies but we are happy to take in larger birds as well. However, prices for surrender vary based on species and difficulty of care. We will always try to work with you, though, and no matter what, we will do what we believe is best for the parrots

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