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Here at Parrot Playground, parrots of all shapes, sizes, ages and personalities have found a loving forever home. Birds at our sanctuary get one on one time with their favorite Parrot Playground humans and they are each given the love, attention and care that they deserve.

We understand that everyone has their own unique circumstances and there is no judgement when a bird is dropped off with us. We not only allow former owners to visit their birds but we are happy to provide updates on how your favorite feathered friends are doing. We are dedicated to doing what is best for the birds while giving their humans peace of mind knowing that their animals are in loving hands.


Seminars,Classes and Meet&Greets

Email us at if you would be interested in setting up a parrot care seminar, if you'd like to meet our birds or if you would simply like some helpful tips!

Donations Are Appreciated

 We appreciate any donations be they monetary or in the form of toys, cages, nuts, fruits, veggies etc. Everything goes straight to the birds and they will be eternally grateful! 

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